ATLANTA — Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones couldn’t help but notice the flattering words Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher used to explain his game.

Instead of marveling over the high compliments of Urlacher, Jones decided to express his admiration. He achieved to Urlacher personally via media.

“I reached out to him, and we only kind of exchanged amounts and got to talking a little bit,” Jones explained. “Only growing up watching him play, it had been kind of dope that which he said. … I simply thanked him for what he said. It meant alot coming from him.”

Back in November, until Jones came back in early-season foot surgery, Urlacher called Jones a”bad m—–f—–” and a”celebrity” who would be the speediest middle linebacker in the game and can cover anybody.

Urlacher didn’t expect to hear out of Jones but appreciated linking.

“This makes me feel good because I have been out from the game for some time,” Urlacher said. “It’s fine of guys to really h to pick my brain a little bit. I really don’t believe I gave a lot of information to him. I just said,’I’m a big fan of yours along with everything you ever need, just give a shout to me.’ He’s such a great kid.”

Jones led the Falcons in tackles during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, observing 138 and 106 tackles, respectively. He had 53 tackles, two interceptions, a forced fumble, a sack and six passes defensed last season despite missing 10 games.

“The key is merely to keep recovering,” Urlacher said. “You can not help staying healthy or not, however, you’ll discover ways to get improved. Yes, it’s hard once you get to a certain level to find those ways, however, you always have stuff you can improve on.”

For Jones the Falcons h to see him gain a little weight without undermining his rapid speed. Jones may be the central figure of this defense because of his policy skills and capacity to cover up mistakes by the others with his rate. Despite being much smaller than another linebackers They can place a winner a runner, too.

The Falcons expect to make important strides with coach overpowering as the defensive coordinator after shooting Marquand Manuel on shield. The defense experienced a slight facelift with starting cornerback Robert Alford and defensive end Brooks Reed released. Assessing defensive tackle Grady Jarrett into your long-term expansion is your team’s key priority, and the Falcons expect to own Pro Bowl strong safety Keanu Neal (ACL) and free safety Ricardo Allen (Achilles) straight in 2019 in their season-ending injuries.

Thus, what will be Jones awaiting the most?

“Only to get back on trail, return into the chunk we’ve been playingwith,” Jones explained. “return together with my boys and playing that’s it.”


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