Ronda Rousey will more than likely be just one of many featured attractions in WrestleMania 35 in April. Three days earlier and about 11 miles away from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, still another former champion is likely to perform in a wrestling event.

It had been announced earlier that Frank Mir would be making his own Pro Wrestling debut at Josh Barnett

Mir told MMA Fighting that he was approached about doing a look and signing autographs at the function. He agreed. Subsequently he had been asked if rsquo;d or she he participate like a wrestler. Mir one to show down challenges, figured why not.

3 9, mir, is an active MMA fighter under contract together with Bellator. But at the foreseeable future, the Las Vegas native would like to branch out into other mediums and also this, he believes, could be a gateway.

Currently, Mir is healing the alveolar ridge (mouth watering ) fracture he sustained last month against Javy Ayala in Bellator 212

Blood-sport could wind up being a oneoff.

Mir said he had been a fan as a young child. Mir said wrestling was one of the vehicles that united grappling and striking at such a way. But when heel turned in 1996, Mir was outside.

“I very much like the Japanese version of pro wrestling, one of the most,” Mir said.

Over time, when someone has got fun at wrestling, Mir said he’s rolled his eyes.

Mir doesn’t even understand if this will be a long-lasting thing or thing he does once. But he does have something of a Pro Wrestling dream match. He’s 11 with longtime rival Brock Lesnar, ” the former heavyweight champion and current Universal champion. Wouldn’Is it cool to have the trilogy in WrestleMania daily?

“I’m not in opposition to it, person,” Mir said. “I actually like it. I wanted a person. And wherever it may take place. ”


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