Here are a few of the questions submitted by fans throughout the off season in the second edition of the Mailbag for 2019.

Hello Jim, exactly what are differences between qualifying and race set ups in ? I know teams often incorporate more tape into the front grille in qualifying at the expense of engine cooling for greater down force system, but what other things do teams do to qualifying and race set ups? – By Ray

Ray, the biggest differences in qualifying set up could be the use of a maximum amount of grille tape onto the front grille, broadly speaking a milder weight rear gear oil is traditionally used, the alternator belt could be compacted, there may possibly be a maximum amount of camber used on the front brakes, air ducts on the side windows may be booted and broadly speaking none of the automobile’s fans are turned on.

Hey Guys, What is the prospect of going to stock motors? All of the manufacturers have road motors in the 500700 HP range.   This could bring Dodge back. It would definitely put back stock to stockcar and triumph on Sunday sell, although I’m unsure of the torque of these because it’s not quite as sexy as horsepower. – By Alan

Alan, thanks that the question. has been use V8 motors for just two reasons – that the ease of the engine, which helps with respect to policing teams’ production of them, and by a cost perspective, they have a tendency to be costly. will go toward a modern V6 later on, but only when its teams and the sport are in good enough financial shape to bear the load of their evolution and change over costs. This season’s aero package, that reduces horsepower on paths a lot more than 1-mile in length is just another step in the direction of using like people in cars.

Okay, the first motorist inch lap down gets a lap back at the warning, why not the 1 st driver 2 rebounds get a lap back and also the 1 st driver 3 laps get a lap back and so forth would help drivers to get back to the lead lap. I’ve watched racing for a long time and never have understood why this will not happen? Can you please explain. Thank You, Ricky

Ricky, actually, the principle states under caution, the first car not on the lead lap receives the free pass. Typically, that is clearly a car one lap down, but it does not always need to become. In the event the first car not on the lead lap is just two laps down car will get on of its palms back.

I’m a Fan and a Motorsports fan. I was wondering if would be upto running the roval for the Daytona July race? It is used by the 24 hour race also was a winner for decades. – By Sam

Sam, round the time of the Roval’s advent at Charlotte Motor Speedway, there was discussion of exactly other tracks might attempt to do the same task. Daytona International Speedway dismissed the thought that the trail would utilize its road route .

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