has changed to power units for 2019 following the manufacturer produce progress together with sister team .

But more gains need to be produced regarding both power and reliability to get to score its first podium.

Speaking in a video released ahead of the initiation of the RB15 on Wednesday, Verstappen said of the brand new venture:”We’re expecting a lot.

“We’re all very favorable, but additionally, it must have a little time. It’s not enjoy from race one it may be perfect.

“What is very important is your team and are pushing hard to improve the evolution.

“At the moment I am needless to say very optimistic, but also realistic.

“Time rsquo. ”


Verstappen, that won two races together with power last 12 months, recently described his experience of this brand new Red Bull-Honda on the simulator as “favorable ”.

But he desired to reserve judgement until pre season testing, which begins in Spain.

“” I want to feel it up-shifts, down-shifts the driveability is power there was.

“From there you start to come. ”

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