A Threeway tussle Hopeless to predict

Eight teams, six places in the VELUX EHF stage. The battle for development in the upper an competition was always likely to be ferocious, yet with three rounds remaining in Group A, the deadlock for sixth place — and that earns a previous 16 berth — is just not broken, as there’s really just a three dimensional link between Montpellier, Kristianstad and Meshkov Brest.

There are still 180 minutes of to be played by each one of the 3 sides along with predicting who is going to become the first time team to combine the 16 is equally as difficult as ever. But who is the favourite to advancement?

A more demanding program for Montpellier and also Kristianstad

The most significant aspect to be taken into consideration is that the remaining schedule for the last 3 rounds.

Nevertheless, the side are optimistic and can try to ride their recent good shape in the 16. 

Last but most certainly not least, Brest will sponsor this week, even prior to a trip to Veszprém, accompanied by a house match against Kristianstad to complete the band phase. From an analytical perspective, Brest check out take the best position to take advantage of this schedule, no matter the form.

The kind guide: who’s hot and that ’s not

The Belarusian side may have the program, nevertheless they’re winless since Round two — nine matches. After a house attraction, 31:31, against Vardar Brest are on the brink of failing to progress to the following period of this contest and lost two consecutive matches. The morale within the team is not low, but neglecting to come close to a win greater often than once from the previous two months could hamper the team’s confidence.

Kristianstad took their 2 wins on the last five matches, but are currently to a two-game losing series. The Allied squad were too blessed and too heavy to stumble at the buzzer, Even though Swedish side came close to getting just one point against Kielce. 

A game of defence and assault

The surprise package of last season’s VELUX EHF , Montpellier, were always going to find copying their achievement difficult — but it has been an under-par season from every viewpoint Patrice Canayer’s side, particularly on the offensive end. 

Melvyn Richardson has come to be consistent to the side. The right rear has scored 71 goals, the 2nd number at the top competition this past season. Richardson is not able to leapfrog the leader.

The title holders saw new life from attack on the past four rounds, yet they still possess the cheapest offence in your contest judging by the number of goals — 294, or 26.7 per match. Brest are not far , with 300 goals scored, while Kristianstad demonstrate more promise in danger, with 3-17.

Who will the mathematics help?

As all three teams have strengths and their own flaws, it is impossible to predict who will advance to the next round. The mathematics will determine at the ending, but right now things are currently looking complicated. 

Brest would be favoured by A threeway tie, given they don’t lose against Kristianstad.

The , that hold the tiebreaker in merit of the 29:23 triumph in the round would be suited by A flat ending between Montpellier and also Brest.

Last, however, Kristianstad will advance as the 31:30 away win if they find themselves tied with Montpellier worked wonders to get the side.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu / cg


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