Neil Jenkins says Wales cannot rely on Scotland – or Italy – to help them triumph the 20-19 six-nations should they lose to England in Cardiff at the upcoming round.

Wales’ 2 3 February encounter with ’ side is considered the title decider.

That’s clearly a verdict ex-Wales current and flyhalf kicking coach Jenkins will abide by because England carry onto sponsor the Azzurri and Scotland within their title bid.

“The stark reality is that if we lose we’d be playing for second,” explained Jenkins.

Wales must beat Scotland – in Murrayfield – and also see Ireland on the tournament’s final day off if they have been to get the Grand Slam in the final six-nations of in charge.

England would be the only other unbeaten team from the championship.

‘Emotions are pretty high’

Jenkins said:”No apology for Scotland, who’re an excellent side and also have done lots of nutrients throughout the last year or so, but playing England at Twickenham is a big ask for just about any team.

“the fact for us is that it’s really a game we will need to win to provide a possibility of winning the title.

“No disrespect, because I really expect Scotland and Italy do turn up in Twickenham and play exceptionally well, but the reality is if we lose we’d be playing for second.

“As a Welshman, it is not far off function as be-all and also end-all type of match. That’s exactly what it really is for all of us.

“I think the emotions are pretty high at the moment, and also we have been still a week-and-a-half a way from the match.

“We know we need to play a lot better than we have from the two games we’ve played thus far.

“we’ve not really fired a shot yet.

“If you can not get ready to get a match in this way, then you might be better off sat with me on the sidelines. It’s really a match I’ve undoubtedly we will be ready for.”

England boss Jones began the develop for his side’s trip to Cardiff in the wake of his side’s 44-8 hammering of France last weekend by saying the recent Wales team would be the”biggest ever” and that the Principality Stadium”hasn’t ever turned into a fortress for me”.

Jenkins said:”He’s got an opinion and he’s entitled to this.

“They’ve obviously won there the final few times they’ve played there, so it’s not likely really a fortress for them. Maybe he’s right in saying what he is saying.

“We’re simply looking forward to the match and we aren’t bothered by what Eddie states.

“He’s a wonderful coach, has been doing a wonderful job with England, and has been doing throughout his career.

“I really don’t think it could have much bearing on the game.”


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