GROUP A: Fuechse Berlin remain on points in the EHF Cup Group Period of the Men after a comfortable away win over Balatonfuredi

After beating last weekend, even Füchse Berlin followed with an away win in Balatonfüred tonight. The hungarian team could have played with in the first half their maximum , being down just by two in the break, the German side proved too strong defensively in the second half, so allowing them to really go clear.

  • This is Berlin’s 2nd straight win the EHF Cup Group Phase
  • With this win, Berlin are currently the lone leaders of Group Awhile Balatonfüredi have to Get a point
  • Top-scorer has been Balatonfüredi’s Dominik Mathe together with 9 targets while Bjarki Mar Elisson netted seven days for Berlin


Balatonfüredi KSE (HUN) vs Füchse Berlin (GER) 24:29 (14:16)

Berlin were fast displaying a defence and always seeking to set a fast-break up. Left-winger Bjarki Mar Elisson has been their primary asset whilst the Icelander gave his team the first proper advantage of this match after five minutes (4:1).

Your home side managed never to find overwhelmed soon, staying four or three goals supporting the whole first half, together with winger Dominik Mathe scoring six in the first half. If they were experiencing defensive troubles, Balatonfüred were finally finding solutions in attack as well as in half time, they might still expect a come back (16:14).

But Berlin started the 2nd half just as they’d begun the first, together with Elisson and Drux adding goals into the score board while Silvio Heinevetter was making significant deliveries, the visitors were ahead by six just fifteen minutes after the break (24:18).

They had just conceded just two goals as proof their defensive efficiency. The difference has been bigger still seven minutes after, when Fabian Wiede gave Berlin that an eight-goal advantage (28:20) by the ending insight.

Balatonfüredi still did their utmost but merely managed to reduce their competitions ’ advantage of five if the buzzer rang.


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