Chris Eubank Jr says James DeGale will likely soon be in his best into their own super-middleweight bout this past month as he”knows that I am reckless”.

The two Britons will fight on 23 February.

DeGale, 33, said he can consider retirement afterwards, with vacated the super-middleweight title in July to chase”massive fights” in the last part of his career.

“I am relentless, I don’t stop,” reported Eubank Jr, 29.

“Volume, speed, power, it’s a dangerous combination, and he understands, however the actual very fact he knows that’s why we’re likely to see the very finest James DeGale we’ve seen for quite a while.

I really don’t think he’s definitely going to put himself in that position”

DeGale lost his belt at a shock defeat before putting it at a unconvincing victory over the American in April this past year.

He stopped Fidel Monterrosa Munoz, who has lost 1-9 of his 5 9 fights, in September and then saw former super-middleweight winner and long term competitor George Groves, touted as being a potential future opponent, retire in January.

But, Eubank Jr considers DeGale will”rise to the occasion” due to their struggle.

“If he’s got somebody he doesn’t fear or respect, then that shows in his operation,” he explained.

“He respects me knows what’s coming, so he’s definitely going to be online form.

“He’s had some hard fights, that’s for sure. It’s some of those things – a fight such as this, particularly against mepersonally, could be career ending”


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