”looks more like a heavy weight winner” compared to , says Joshua’s next opponent Jarrell Miller.

June 2-9, unified world heavy weight champion Joshua, will meet with ’s Miller at about 1.

The Briton is a 1-10 favourite with bookmakers to win on his US debut against a competitor who’s undefeated.

“In my mind [Fury] is some one that has been doing good in and away from the ring,” Miller told BBC Sport.

“He has been there, he’s handled some problems beyond the ring worked his way into contention, therefore to me personally, he’s different.”

It came only half a year after Fury forced his come back after having a 32-month absence – a time where he fought melancholy, lost his permit and faced a time period of ineligibility while a UK Anti-Doping evaluation performed.

“We see just one heavy weight mentally break down and then come back, we all still haven’t seen a mental breakdown from A J,” added Miller, nicknamed’Big Baby’.

“I’ve heard mad reasons for him and his camp, that he’s to find a psychiatrist and all sort of crazy ideas, but when you’ve been shielded nearly all your lifetime and also go to a training school, and now you find out there are wolves, and creatures out there, they’re getting to be in your face daily. They act different.”

‘Big Baby is going to appear’

Miller, who’s 23 wins and a draw on his name, had been considered an unlikely opponent given Joshua was expected to fight at on 13 April.

London 2012 Olympic winner Joshua has said he plans to”dismantle” the 30-year-old in his home city, but Miller refuses to see his competitor return to the UK anything but emptyhanded.

“Once I beat AJ, I am going to soon be the man immediately.

“There isn’t any love in warfare. I can do if, anything, to find the job finished.

“Big Baby is going to arrive, and I know when [Joshua] signed that contract he knew he had to appear. I know very well what I am capable of doing.”

Miller weighed in at 22st 5lb (143kg) due to his final success – about five stone significantly more than Joshua failed due to his win over Alexander Povetkin at September – and he will soon be the heaviest competitor the , and WBO winner has faced.

“My own body is a machine. It’s perhaps not as pretty as AJ’s perhaps but my work-rate and my is 10 times bigger than AJ’s,” Miller stated. “I squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell curl two times as significant as AJ, and my condition is twice as better.

“I have formed this remarkable body that’s made for only running people over, it’s a bulldozer. Nevertheless, it is a bulldozer that sneaks up on you.

“I really could go complete burst a lot of the moment, but I choose not to. I’ve been reserved so far. This fight can return to the style that is competitive, I can store this up I have the stamina, therefore I am not worried about it.

“AJ never been in the ring with someone like me before, so it is definitely going to become a completely different story for him.”


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