Throughout Wednesday’s Daytona 500 Media Menard explained the two drivers had talked about the episode and if he didn’t enjoy the outcome, he did not believe Johnson wrecked him.

The Clash Sunday when Johnson dove into the interior in a attempt to pass was being led by menard. Menard appeared to relocate a attempt and the two made.

Johnson escaped unscathed so when the race has been halted by rain Johnson was declared the winner.

“There’s consistently lessons to learn, going back on the cassette and conversing with someone about those matters. I guess where he and he stand, convinced he wasn’t even joyful after the race with that, however, he knew wasn’t dull plus it was more of a thing compared to anything else. ”

In the editor, also read:

Johnson said he thinks the results to Menard and most of the remaining portion of the field is what triggered a backlash after the incident.

“If we only bump and no body has flipped round, it’s the the exciting finish we’ve needed in the Clash in long,” he said. “Nevertheless, unfortunately, it didn’that way turns out and a whole lot of cars were torn up. ”


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