Flacco’his legacy is fundamentally defined by s playoff success with the Ravens.

After coming from Delaware — that the little leagues of football, Flacco’d state — in 2008, he brought stability and also a Lombardi Trophy to a franchise that had changed quarterbacks nearly normally since the Cleveland Browns. With also a shrug-of-the-shoulder demeanor, resiliency and stamina, Flacco turned into a team understood chiefly for defense right into a playoff competition.

He headed Baltimore in six of those 10 seasons where he started at least 10 games. He guided the Ravens. And he transported the franchise to a Super Bowl title simply by going to some streak matched by Joe Montana.

Flacco chuckled at those hinting whether he had been elite, alternatively proving he had been a success at the time of the growing summer season. When the regular season ended,”January Joe” — as fans might affectionately call him repeatedly came through for the Ravens.

Injuries and inconsistency using Flacco within the past six seasons caused the Ravens to draft his successor in Lamar Jackson at 2018. It led to a end for the most winning quarterback in Ravens history when Flacco injured his hip through the season and Jackson went onto lead Baltimore.

Much of Flacco’s criticism is that which he isn’t.

Flacco has been its quarter back.

He observed getting the NFL’s highest-paid player simply by moving through a McDonald’s drivethru for chicken nuggets. He missed the birth of his son at 2013 because it happened half an hour before kick off (Flacco headed the Ravens within the Browns that day).

The Ravens fell deeply in deep love at a workout if he strongarmed cries in the torrential pouring rain and wind with Flacco, showing he would be a perfect AFC North quarter back. Team officials had to persuade owner Steve Bisciotti, who pushed up for trading at the 2008 draft to take Matt Ryan.

By Flacco’s game — if fans waved hints “Wacko to get Flacco” — he had been the foundation for the franchise’s successful era.

It’s easy to forget the condition of the standing position of the team before Flacco. He had been for a decade to get a Baltimore team that had gone through 1-5 starting quarterbacks from the 1-2 years ahead of him , from Vinny Testaverde to Troy Smith under center.

It & rsquo; s over looked at how a supporting cast was overcome by Flacco.

The single times bristled were that the drama where the Ravens put a second quarter back and also divide him out wide. Flacco was an under rated competitor and felt the best chance to win was with the ball in his hands.



Damien Woody calls Lamar Jackson’s playstyle”unorthodox” and claims that the Ravens will not be successful if they are still make use of him .

Perhaps that & rsquo; therefore as it mattered the most, to the postseason from those drives in Pittsburgh, Flacco thrived. Since entering the league 10 play off games have been won by Flacco. Only Brady has won moreover that span.

Flacco accomplished this at the roughest situations. Postseason matches were won by him in Denver Pittsburgh and Kansas City. Bill Belichick was topped by flacco double in New England, and he would’when Lee Evans had captured that touch down pass, t won two AFC Championship Games at Foxborough.

In his past 10 playoff matches, Flacco has thrown 2 4 touchdowns and four interceptions with a 104.1 passer rating. He has pitched at least 2 touchdowns in eight playoff matches.

Flacco was named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player after becoming the next chance to throw 1-1 touchdowns with no interceptions in a single postseason (Montana was one other).

By making him that the highest-paid player in NFL history the Ravens rewarded Flacco. His downfall was never alive around that six-year, $120.6 million bargain.

Flacco’s final seasons were disappointing and frustrating along with the inability to get Baltimore to the play offs at his 3 seasons because the newcomer because of the back , knee and hip injuries.

But the memory of Flacco at Baltimore should be when the bets were at their highest, how he increased his game.