Jack Hughes features a”wow factor” and only can do things which other players in this draft can not, scouts say. 

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It appears to happen just about every draft season, usually round the globe Junior Championship. The presumptive No. 1 choice for the following June’s draft nearly consistently plays and that tournament turns into a referendum — at least among fans and press — onto this player’s status as No. 1 ).

This year has been probably one of the very intense post-WJC discussions I’ve seen. The two Jack Hughes and also Kaapo Kakko played at the World Junior Championship. Hughes played in only four of a seven games because of a personal injury and enrolled four assists. Kaapo Kakko watched his character increase that was just for Finland, ending with five points and emerging in every seven games. Kakko also believed the gold-medal-winning goal in the final minutes of the championship game against Hughes along with Team USA.

It was the first time they got to see Kakko and Hughes headtohead, and also the latter played. Hughes was playing via an abysmal injury aggravated through the first game of the team and sustained from drama. It was not a fight that is totally honest.

Either way, people saw exactly what they watched, and suddenly Hughes’ grip over the No. 1 spot that has appeared inevitable as last season at least seemed to flake out. So is it?

Hughes is actually a gift, simple and pure. He has what many have referred to as the”wow factor.” He’ll make bids that other players in this draft class cannot. More than a few of them may not find that the options which become available to Hughes, that not only has got the vision, but also can make the plays all .

It’s Kaapo Kakko and Jack Hughes leading how, however is the remainder of that the 2019 class? We rank the top 50 prospects for June’s draft.

It’s just another week on top of the rankings for your Lightning. Plus these are the players each team loves this season.

We’re familiar with the names out there. It’s time for you to play match maker for all 3-1 teams as the trade deadline nears.

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