H4DC in practice: FENIX Toulouse Hand Ball and IK Sävehof 

French club FENIX Toulouse Hand Ball and Sweden’s IK Sävehof are just two of the 3 clubs, together with BM. Granollers, participating in the hand ball 4 Dual Careers endeavor for the past 30 months. Both teams have been executing the service service sufficient reason for the job is in its final stage, they could draw decisions and show findings. 

Toulouse happen to be following the process proposed by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Players have divided from three categories that were suggested – silver , silver and bronze. But , they immediately realised that the attention should be about the gold and silver group. 

“To your category, we introduced also a mentor and a sports psychologist to establish socio-professional observation. Moreover, we have also create individual encounters to provide aid.  

“Workshops common to all classes have also been setup allowing trades with athletes in career avenues and numerous sports. The young players of their group were able to benefit from the trades with one other clubs in the analysis Learning Tours,” said Fabien Roy, job coordinator for the French club. 

Like BM. Granollers, FENIX Toulouse additionally use the team ’so connections to give players who have internships or jobs: “Thanks to this team ’so partners and connections, we have supported them in their search for an internship and also their integration into the area of work. ”

Roy pressures out that the golden group (professional players) may be your one where they have put the majority of things in place: “Throughout individual meetings and also the career counsellor we were able to aid the many determined and interested athletes by putting them in touch with your spouses. 

“We held understanding sessions with athletes’ participation and occupation office ’s advisors specialised in the sport in career changes. ”

Roy also underlined what Melanie Klemann out of AUAS said the player’s motivation is the fundamental component for the job to ensure success.

“The runner remains the motor of the future. Regardless of what we implement, the athlete will be responsible for the career change. They are interested in the subjects we are trying to implement, because they are subjects but there’s some hesitation and also some prefer to not think about this and focus on their acting career. ”

In the end, Roy concluded hand ball 4 Dual Careers endeavor has the next in FENIX Toulouse: “The job left us comprehend that we have to value careers and that we have potential. ”

IK Sävehof

The Swedish club was following the same path. With Stefan Albrechtson as the job manager, Sävehof put up extensive organisation version which includes tutors, managers for the women and men, a steering group, a career counsellor, spouses and ambassadors. 

“” I believe we have. For a long time, we’ve got collaboration for blending also school and hand ball with Partille gym. The gymnasium offers connections and tools that they have at various schools,” explained Albrechtson who is additionally Partille Cup and club president adviser, the championship on earth. 

Sävehof players have taken part in club exchange together with Granollers and FENIX Toulouse. But athletes have a opportunity to speak to job Johan Jakobsson ambassadors Jonas Larholm and Johanna Ahlm. Each of 3 ambassadors are now all experienced internationals that are playing for Sävehof.


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