Mayweather, 41, isn’t saying who he’ll be confronting or just how old the fighter is.

I received the next one in July, like $10 million [for] three rounds,” Mayweather said to TMZ. “Always my rules. [It’SA ] former boxer, from. I received a call today. ”

It’s uncertain who will pay Mayweather the $10 million to him to fight with the 3-round exhibition. Mayweather and with a former boxer, which is a fantastic sign at least are currently fighting. There are a number of quite good Japanese fighters the boxing world will love to see Mayweather fight. Former WBC super featherweight champion Takashi Miura (31-4-2, 24 KOs) could be an excellent option for Mayweather. 34, miura, was out of this ring for decades since 2017, and now he ’s gained punching power with hand. Mayweather might have the burden advantage over Miura, but not the ability advantage. Miura can punch. When Mayweather were to handle Miura in a exhibition, it will be surprising. Mayweather would need to earn his money. But it’s unlikely Mayweather would agree to fight a dangerous fighter like Miura. There’if he has trimmed by one of Miura & rsquo s much of a threat of this fight blowing up in his face;s big shots.

Despite the criticism that Mayweather received against Tenshin Nasukawa and MMA fighters Conor McGregor for his recent games he proceeds to press with these kind of fights immune to the critics. Mayweather is clear he’s not thinking about referring to fighting with a rematch.

“Only for exhibition for four fights, it’s roughly $80 million this year,” Mayweather said. “I don’t have to do the real thing. I’m the real thing. I established myself. ”

It’d be good for Mayweather if he starts fighting with with guys who’ve experience in boxing, some gift, and also can handle giving him a fantastic test. The boxing people in Japan will soon grow tired of Mayweather’s onesided exhibit games and not need to pay for to find these circus events if he’s maybe not at least put in with opposition which have a sliver talent. This ’s maybe not knock the Tenshin Nasukawa that is 20-year-old. He’s probably an excellent kickboxer, however he doesn’t have the kind of boxing experience required for him to be with a boxer like Mayweather in the ring. It’s going to be miserable if WBA Super World super featherweight winner Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis could be the next to handle Tenshin in a exhibition like Mayweather says will soon be happening in April. This ’s going to be equally as bad a mismatch because Mayweather’s three round exhibition fight the Japanese kickboxer. It’s good thing that these fights aren’t being brought over to vegas, because it’d get the Nevada State Athletic Commission in a circumstance where they would need to determine whether to sanction these games. It was vexing that the Nevada Commission sanctioned Mayweather’s fight UFC celebrity Conor McGregor in 2017 as a skilled fight. Mayweather was able to break Rocky Marciano’by fighting with a guy with a record from the 24, s 49-0 record. It cheapened the record. You don’t see that kind of thing from the NFL with a team earning in a high school football team to pad the team’therefore album. It looked bad that the Mayweather-McGregor fight has been heralded as a fight. If Mayweather were permitted to achieve that the sky are the limit to just how much he could take his ring record that is unbeaten. It’d depend on the length of time the U.S boxing fans could be prepared to pay for to watch Mayweather fight MMA guys without adventure in the squared circle.

Mayweather reportedly earned $10 million because of his recent exhibit suit against Japanese kick-boxer Tenshin Nasukawa last season on December 31 at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. Mayweather made quick work of this 20-year-old Tenshin, knocking him down three times before quitting him round 1 in a fight fought under boxing rules. Tenshin&rsquo corner threw in the towel to really have the mismatch ceased. It didn’however. Tenshin was scarcely able to endure after the next knock down. It’d have been stopped anyway.

“Individual, ” I ’m living life. I’m eating so excellent. I’m making smart investments. Damnthey can’me stop. ”

After Mayweather was asked when he’s going to be fighting with a rematch against Manny Pcquiaohe promptly shutdown that conversation by saying he doesn’t desire to talk boxing in the moment. It was pretty clear with the way Mayweather ceased the conversation on that subject he’therefore going to be fighting with a rematch against the 40-year-old Pacquiao anytime soon if ever. The one thing is, for one of the display games in Japan than he’d Mayweather would make a enormous amount of money out of any particular 1 fight Pacquiao. But unlike those display games, there are Mayweather losing’s likelihood. Pacquiao could beat on him make him fight hard to win. With Mayweather loving himself traveling around across the planet, shopping nonstop for expensive items, he may no longer be capable of beating Pacquiao. Lots has changed since his win over Manny with Mayweather in 2015. Mayweather hasn’t conducted a true professional fighter since he beat a shot Andre Berto in September 2015. This has been an Berto, maybe not even a prime Berto. The last time Mayweather fought with a guy which was healthy and not enduring some kind of problem was his next fight Marcos Maidana in September 2014. This ’s last fight in which Mayweather some one that wasn’t shot and/or dealing with an injury problem from the boxing universe. You are able to ’t count Mayweather’s fights having a wounded Pacquiao, over the hill Berto, MMA guy McGregor or Tenshin to be true tests for him. So it’s been battled a dangerous opponent. At this pointit’s hard to imagine Mayweather beating anybody good from the welterweight division, least of most Pacquiao. At 41, Mayweather knows his limits, so he’s not going to even entertain the thought of fighting with a rematch against Pacquiao. Besides, with him given tremendous money fight 3-round exhibit games against over-matched opposition, why he can he want to resist someone which may possibly conquer him like Pacquiao?

“When I wanted to,” Mayweather said when in reply to whether he was given $1 billion to fight in the UFC. “I’m not pressed. My characteristics are essential. No, that I ’m. It’s moment proceed to shopping,” Mayweather said when asked when he’d spoke to UFC president Dana White about conflicts against Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov.