Sean Brady is aiming as high as possible proceed, In regards to selecting fighters to model after.

At 9-0 in his career so far, a 26-year-old welterweight prospect based out of Renzo Gracie Philly, Brady, is starting to etch a couple words into the MMA history novels. It’s two fighters who already have their own well-worn chapters that he seeks to emulate: Georges st pierre and Eddie Alvarez.

Brady sees a kindred spirit in “GSP”. Brady admires strengths were developed by a winner apparently out of thin atmosphere, especially his admired wrestling beyond having attributes. Brady himself started off as a Muay Thai fighter and now he’s fallen in love with wrestling and jiu jitsu.

Before embarking on an MMA livelihood in fact he’d no wrestling experience at all.

“I have people consistently ask me when I was a D-1 wrestler at college, and He never wrestled in high school, I never uttered in high school. ”

Nick Diaz fight-back in 2013 and that confirmed what Brady had already heard about StPierre ’s mythical work ethic.

The 2 failed to instruct together (Brady was a purple belt the last time st pierre was at a nearby ), but Brady has spent plenty of time with ’s own Eddie Alvarez. Has Brady been on the mats with the former and Strikeforce winner, but Alvarez endorsed him social media:

Brady continues to be blown away by the aid of his teammates and trainers who have helped him with his confidence, which wasn’t when he began his MMA journey. Being associated with a fighter such as Alvarez, a pillar of their fighting community, went a long way towards establishing up Brady to where he is currently.

Though Brady is getting used to being a major event player on the regional arena, he also ’therefore prepared to scale his way up the card if the call come from the major leagues, especially if that opportunity happens to be at Wells Fargo Center at to get UFC on ESPN 2 on March 30.

“My teammate Jonavin Webb


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