Lots has been made from the way Conor McGregor has altered the game of mixed martial arts in the last several decades, but minus the Gracie Family there likely wouldn’t even be a game to change and he knows it.

The Gracie Family was a portion of this initiation of the straight in 1993. At that moment, fighters stepping in the Octagon were only trying to see who’s martial art style was the better, better style for fighting. It has grown into the game today, we watch; which’s game McGregor has become the star.

Kron Gracie is now 4-0 and will start making his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night on ESPN inch in Phoenix. He is the son of one of the fighters in the Gracie Family, Rickson, a legend of the game if there ever was one.

“Really excited to visit Kron Gracie compete (Sunday) from the . Spouse of Diaz, son of Rickson.

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and Cain Velasquez headline that the card with the initial bout scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. ET / 2:30 p.m. PT.


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