Even the Carolina Hurricanes‘ elaborate home-ice victory parties have brought a vocal minority of detractors, and none have been as vocal as Canadian curmudgeon Don Cherry.

Even the”Hockey Night In ” commentator has now ripped the choreographed onice parties in years past however he moved on the team once the Hurricanes followed a Friday night win by pretending one of their players had struck a game-winning property streak together with his hockey stick.

Even the parties have gone viral, but some of the perennial issues of the club persist. Here the Canes take the steps .

“This really is the National Hockey League. These guys, if you ask me personally, are jerks. They are still not drawing [fans ]. I’ll tell you something, they better not do this in the playoffs,” said Cherry on Saturday night. “That is completely ridiculous. I know all of the broadcasters are scared to say some thing… I know very well what I am discussing. You won’t ever do such a thing like that. They are still not even drawing. They are still a lot of jerks, as much as I am concerned.”

How did the Hurricanes respond to the rant? By adopting it, and archiving it.

On Sundaythe team announced it would begin selling officially licensed”Couple of Jerks” shirts at their own arena and online:

We’re a lot of jerks and we possess the shirts to prove it.

Available this week at the attention. pic.twitter.com/TEefqETEau

The top was the brain child of Dan LaTorraca, director of marketing, VP of marketing and brand strategy, also Mike Forman, according to the team.

The Hurricanes began doing their postgame victory parties this year, motivated by an edict to increase the entertainment quotient at attended home games.

They started simple, with all the players hurrying in 1 end of the ice into the other in a”storm surge” into the glass. Over time, they will have included elaborate choreography like the limbo,”duck, duck, goose,” and one-player”knocking ” all the others by pretending to wield Thor’s hammer.

“We are attempting to re brand the Carolina Hurricanes right into being more relevant, I guess,” captain Justin Williams told earlier this season. “This can be one small matter. This really is a celebration after the game. Nonetheless, it means something to us because there has never been lots of success , and we’re attempting to show people we will not mean it”

The Hurricanes are all 16-9-4 athome and are one point out of this final wildcard area from the Eastern Conference.


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