Nantes and Also Szeged Get over bad starts to snatch points

As Nantes recovered by a terrible start of the game to just simply take the points in Skjern, grabbing a 16 spot, both matches in Group A were nail-biters. Meanwhile, the Szeged fought to get their rhythm against Zaporozhye, a team who had already given them difficulty in the initial leg of their own head-to-head. However, their experience was crucial in the last seconds, securing them a one-goal win that renders them hoping for first place in Group A.

  • With 11 points, Nantes are now sure of participate in the previous 16.
  • Mario Sostaric was Szeged’s highest scorer with two while Zaporozhye’s Soroka netted six times
  • Szeged still have a chance of finishing in the team, remaining one point behind Paris, atleast temporarily.
  • Groupb

    The initial 5 minutes put the tone for the rest of the initial half. During that period, while Skjern netted four times, including double in a vacant web site, the people did not find a way to score one goal.

    Even if last season ’s finalists Nantes was able to over come this terrible start, they still were four motives behind for most of the first period, unable to avoid both wingers – Anders Eggert along with Rene Rasmussen – that the prior play five times in the first half, including four metres, as the latter scored three to four ensure Skjern’s qualification hopes were living at half time using a two-goal advantage (17:15).

    The 2nd half was completely different as Nantes’ defence was considerably more efficient after the rest. By stealing the ball one man down the people came back on the score boardas Kiril Lazarov and Julian Emonet scored on breaks.

    Even though Bjarte Myrhol’s best efforts (the Deadly scoring eight complete ) Skjern were gradually losing the momentum as well as conceding a 0:5 run, they were down by one to its very first time in the 49th minute (27:28).

    The hosts re-discovered their hope for a moment, but Kevin Bonnefoi, in just his second match in the , was critical with two saves in the last minutes of this match, before Olivier Nyokas ensured that the two points were planning to Nantes twenty minutes in the final buzzer (34:32).

    Eggert pointed into an important phase of the game which he’s convinced decided the game,”Throughout most of those 60 minutes we played with a good game, where we followed closely our tactics. Until 27:23 we simply had a couple mistakes, and in the second half we got Tournat more in check. However, in this game’s minutes, Nantes were cool than we were, and at exactly the exact same time we had a tricky time. That ended up being critical for its result.

    MOL-Pick Szeged (HUN) vs HC Motor Zaporozhye (UKR) 30:29 (12:15)

    Never in the first half were Szeged ahead on the score board. Maxim Babiched netted the first goal for Zaporozhye until Igor Soroka gave them the very first real advantage a few minutes after having a seven metre shot (3:1).

    The side was shown to be clinical in defence this day conceding six goals in the first 19 minutes of this match. At that point, Barys Pukhouski scored his first goal to put the visitors ahead by four goals (10:6).

    Szeged came from the room seeming different. They backed up by an Mirko Alilovic between the articles and were aggressive where they looked sleepy. The Croatian saved a couple of shots, allowing his team mates to the opposing hand of the court to score.

    Zaporozhye had the possibility but in the long run, Pukhouski’s taken was stopped by Alilovic, giving two points that are unexpected to Szeged.


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