forward has met with with a fan he wrote to after the teenager had been abused.

Sterling wrote a letter to Ethan Ross after the boy’s grandma revealed he had been using a”rough time” as a result of their abuse.

He was able to meet up with all the Newport County academy participant after the FA Cup fifth round of City win on Saturday.

“It had been heartwarming for me as it had been that you finally meet up, Ethan,” Sterling said on Twitter.

“Again, you always be happy with who you are, and never stay quiet.

Sterling was an artificial substitute for City be at County 4 1 from Wales to reach the quarterfinals.

The 24-year-old has been the victim of abuse himself, the latest episode being alleged racist abuse at a game at December at .

In reaction to this abuse he had been exposed to at Stamford Bridge, Sterling said newspapers”fuel racism” by their policy of young black footballers.


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