He drove ’s 2018 car in the post-season evaluation last year and believes serious progress was made ever since then, after an encouraging early afternoon of 2019 testing on Monday in Barcelona.

“Straight outside [we’re ] not doing an awful lot. [We ] make an effort to accomplish things there or . 

“It is extremely joyful. The people did a very good job over the winter and we’ve got a package that can be worked by us [with]. And we will get far better.

“Everything feels normal and when I [compare it from what I] tried by the end of last calendar year it is a big step without a doubt. ”

Apart from F 1 testing:

Alfa’so come back to official F1 running started if Raikkonen spun into the dirt early on and stopped in similar fashion when he stopped on trail right.

Alfa team principal said Raikkonen’s spin had not forced away the team from the conduct program, although Raikkonen was back on trail just 3-7 minutes after flying into the gravel.

“The operation t want to state ’therefore perhaps not relevant, however nobody knows the set up of the engine the number of fuel, etc. 

Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo Racing C38

Alfa Romeo Running C38,

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sutton Images


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