’s jolt passing was usually the only of the legends of past season as he chosen to join with the works team despite suffering reliability problems with the manufacturer. 

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“There is a small gamble with it but the more I consider this I don’t view it too much as a gamble in terms of [comparison] with ,” said

“We’re not arriving in the team saying we will win, so the anticipation and the pub is not initially very high, where as at every year we kind of ourselves up because we’d won before.

“Every single year the risk has been leased down and you feel it is going to occur.  I feel like the danger of failure [residing ] is greater than having the probability of never winning and arriving here, if this is reasonable.

“Outside of those two options they both have some hazard, but with risk comes reward and since the growth here is potentially a good deal bigger personally I think that the reward can certainly be bigger here and also the ability to become less frustrated is better here. ”

went on to survive a torrid reliability record over the next half 2018, after investing

He says it didn’t provide him any “second notions ” regarding his decision as he believes was accountable for some of the problems along with is not a proven option. 

“However no, I didn’t have 2nd thoughts and again there were lots of unknowns using as good.

“it had been tough because is fresh hope for the team, however, it’s also an unknown in many respects.

“since 2014 they will have been trying to play catch up and have not got into where they want to be out of a power unit perspective.  You can not deny that make they’re likely to learn from this.

“I’m sure there’s still probably likely to be any mistakes that they’ll create but I feel like they’re ticking off them, also I feel that probably still has a lot of those activities to tick off. ”

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Daniel Ricciardo, Renault Sport F1 Team


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