Former and Motorist Sainz set the second-fastest time on the tyre that was C 3, eclipsing man Because the nearest challenger of .

Even though suffering a delay when his car lost drive at the exit of the pit lane and he must be wheeled back in at the beginning of afternoon session the Spaniard completed the third-most of any motorist, laps.

“” I presume everyone in the team has to be more pleased, has to be joyful,” said Sainz.

“The work over the winter, the program we come up with to have the car for the demonstration and to be outside on the right course at nine o’clock [has paid off].

“This afternoon we completed a few runs, we finished the day at half an hour with the crimson flags. 

“So it was definitely a fantastic way to start out, and people at the track will be joyful. But we shouldn’t forget all the people back at Woking who’re the principal individuals who put this vehicle together. ”

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“Well, I realise that the grade there’s at since the day I came at the team,” he explained. “even ” I had a great deal of confidence within this team, and That never been a matter.

“In six years you can’t forget how exactly to make cars that are fast, although we are far from where you want to become. 

“However, I enjoy if I visit the vehicle, the focus on detail; that the steeringsystem, by what means the seat is done. You are able to observe there was a clean air, people that are tidy, individuals and I enjoy this. 

“Although, in performance as I mentioned, we’re still not where you h to be and also a way to go. ”

Carlos Sainz Jr., McLaren

Carlos Sainz Jr.,


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