Light weight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is a person of principle. Even the 30-year-old Russian is loyal to people close to him. After two of his team mates received lengthier suspensions than him for his or her involvement in the mayhem that followed Nurmagomeov’s 229 title defense against former titleholder conor-mcgregor,”The Eagle” decided to sit out until they’re ready to go back.

Each man has been given a 12-month suspension that finishes on Oct. 6, 20-19.

Nurmagomedov received a nine-month suspension and has been fined. McGregor has been supplied a fine and a six-month suspension . Nurmagomedov could have had his sentence reduced if he participated in Nevada within an AntiBullying effort. He diminished.

UFC Unfiltered podcast.

“Screw them. He also ain’t even going to struggle for them. He also says he ain’t even going to struggle at Vegas. ”

Not just has Nurmagomedov signaled he will not struggle in Las Vegas he intends to sit with his team mates . The undefeated champion will not reunite until after his team mates’ suspensions are all finished.

Nurmagomedov is paying the penalties due to his team mates, therefore they will not be out of pocket, at the very least in respect to this Nevada imposed fine.


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