USADA announced on Tuesday the Rodney “Jake” Collier, of Union, Mo., has announced a 10-month sanction for a breach of the  Anti-Doping Policy after declaring using a item that listed and included a banned substance, and testing positive for this illegal substance.

Higenamine is a Specified Substance at the class of Beta 2 Agonists and prohibited in Any Way times under the Anti-Doping Policy, that has embraced the Planet Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.

Research indicates that Higenamine may act as a general stimulant and might be discovered in a few pre-workout, energy, or products. Even low hazard supplements may be more risky than they appear. Therefore, USADA prepares athletes to check supplement labels for Higenamine (also called norcoclaurine) or Higenamine nutritional sources (Aconite, Annona squamosal, Nandina domestica, Tinospora crispa, and others).

USADA determined that Collier was entitled to get a reduction into the standard period of ineligibility because his alliance throughout the consequences management method and forthright statement of the supplement on his own doping control shape. Collier’s period of ineligibility began the date his sample was collected.

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Following announcement of his own suspension, another statement was issued by Collier: 

“I only wanted to touch base with you after the news has been announced of my sanction. First of all, I would NEVER purposely place any substance in my body. Returning after an injury in my final struggle in a operation, I bought and moved out into the local supplement shop. Regrettably, there is a substance from the item that has been listed on the banned list of the USADA and on the tag that we were oblivious of. For this simple mistake, I’ve accepted a 10-month suspension. In figuring out the system to ingredients and research product titles In this process my partner and I have already taken actions. This has been quite a learning lesson and I have full responsibility for the fault and apologize”


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