Georges st pierre is retired but that doesn’t mean he’therefore are not inclined to obey options.

The prior two-division winner announced on Thursday after piecing with an incredible resume for example title runs in both middleweight and welterweight that he called it a career.

Prior to his announcement, StPierre disclosed before ultimately deciding to retire from the sport that he was originally pursuing a fight against light weight winner .

“My agent was talking to , we tried to organize the fight Khabib. I know Khabib wanted it I want to buy nevertheless the had additional plans,” st pierre said.

As unsatisfactory as it had not been to property the fight he wanted, st pierre knew that the is a business and letting him face the light weight winner understanding that he probably wasn’t going to stay to shield the title proved to be a challenging proposal.

St-Pierre added that confronting some body like Nurmagomedov is the type of fight he had been interested because it’d allow him to bring yet another accolade for his Hall of Fame resume in accepting.

Nurmagoemdov chose to Instagram in hopes of pushing him back to one more fight in November, just after news broke the St-Pierre intended to retire on Thursday.

If it comes to mixed martial artists who have walked away from the sport, retirement typically seems to continue as long as the next best option that is made available.

In st pierre ’s case, he’s been fortunate enough to get enough money that he doesn’t need to fight again but he can’t say with 100-percent certainty that should president telephoned him with a wonderful deal to face Nurmagomedov at the future that he would shut down him.

St pierre said throughout the latter part of his career, he learned to see to the sport more just like a business than his early days where he had been only devoted to fighting with anybody, anywhere, in any moment.

That’s as much as he’s certain about can that is StPierre his retirement today ’t tell what might happen tomorrow or 6 months down the road when a excellent business proposal was designed .


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