Light Heavy Weights Jan Blachowicz along with Thiago Santos headlined the first event from the on Saturday at a Struggle that shook the 205-pound Name Graphic.

Santos was ranked from the No. 6 slot and put an end to the fighter’s win series with a well-timed combination early in the third stage.

In the opening round, both fighters were wary of their other’s abilities. While a kicking crime was employed by Santos blachowicz looked to establish his own jab. At the close of this framework, their statistics were almost indistinguishable.

The pace picked up slightly piecing together Santos and mixes answering with shots. Through two rounds, neither fighter had established that the clear advantage.

At the third stage, Blachowicz hurried in with a flurry of punches. Santos fired off a mixture that abandoned Blachowicz facefirst on the picture and backed off. Before referee had seen enough, blachowicz rolled and covered up however Santos unloaded a set of hammer fists. The end came just 39 minutes to the round.

“I continue on improving.  Each fight is a struggle,” explained Santos following a win.  “Last fight I could burst like that.  This struggle I knew I had to take it use my own experience.”

“We studied these specifics.  I’ve got a team with me personally and that is exactly goes on.  Once you get a fantastic team behind you, that’s the result you get.” 

With the win, Santos likely put himself in line to face the winner of champion Jon Jones along with Anthony Smith who headlined 235 at vegas on March 2.  He holds a win over Smith. 

“The fans will tell who’s to function as the future challenger.  I’ll beat him if it’s Anthony Smith. 


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