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Within a nyc media tour, welterweight title challenger Kamaru Usman sets his endurance on display on Exhibit two of 235 Embedded and carries a call out of champion .

Light heavy weight title challenger Anthony Smith awakens in certain Enormous Apple sight seeing between interviews. On the opposite coast, debuting welterweight and also welterweight champion Tyron Woodley talk about their history since close friends and teammates.

Light heavy weight champion puts in a challenging work out, then clears his mind using a few high-altitude outdoor moment.

TRENDING > Anthony Smith explains the attitude to help him overcome Jon Jones in UFC 235

235 is an AllAccess, behind-the-scenes video site leading to the 2 world title fights taking place Saturday, March 2nd.

Aside from vs. Anthony Smith for the light heavyweight title within the most important function, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley yields to set his belt on the line against rising competitor Kamaru Usman.


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