Berlin and Also Saint-Raphaël win, Balatonfüred out

Both teams that were away in Group A La Rioja and also althoug they gave their opponents a hard time and Balatonfüred faced endeavors, they didn’t figure out how to catch any points. For the team what this means is they have been out of the race.

Saint-Rapha ël gave a defensive performance to shoot the top hand, In case Berlin had to wait patiently until the dying seconds of the game to secure their fourth consecutive triumph.

  •          Balatonfüred are out of the race for those quarter-finals after their lack of Saint-Raphaël
  •          Raphaël Caucheteux and Vadim Gayduchenko scored eight each for the French side
  •          Berlin recorded their fourth successive triumph, Hans Lindberg helping them together with eight goals.

Saint-Raphaël Val Hand Ball (FRA) vs Balatonfüredi KC (HUN) 27:23 (13:12)

The first half was a tight one, none of the team taking the top hand. Just one time did one of both count. Saint-Raphaël didn’t even manage to get beyond rsquo & their competitions; defence for the first seven minutes however Balatonfüredi didn’t even make use of the opportunity to break away on the score board.

Once the French side saw its rhythm, as a result of Raphaël Caucheteux along with Vadim Gayduchenko, they made the dent even after two minutes (4:4). Saint-Raphaël even took a two-goal advantage seconds before the break but a second goal from Laszlo Kemeny supposed what was to be decided in the second half.

The hosts pushed just as they return from the dressing room. Two goals gave them their largest lead of the game, 15:12. And Balatonfüredi, which faced elimination in the event of a beat, weren&rsquo go that. Zoltan Szita, helped his team to stay in the overall game and particularly, was really reliable.

But the hosts’ experience was going to be crucial in this confrontation, since they placed their foot to the pedal. Only conceding the close of the game and also one goal involving the 52nd minute, Saint-Raphaël scored four in the mean time, again from Gayduchenko and also Caucheteux, to secure their third triumph with this Group Phase.

Füchse Berlin (GER) vs Logroño La Rioja (SPA) 29:27 (13:14)

Because their opponents had to receive a cause keep alive their qualification chances, Even the title holders of the EHF Cup were certainly shaken at the first half. Much like this week, the side was still efficient together with Javier Munoz.

Together with Hans Lindberg and Paul Drux providing some actions neither team was more than one goal ahead on the board. But, in halftime, La Rioja was by one, 14:13.

As La Rioja denied to give up anything the second half was going to be a tight matter too. Sergey Hernandez Ferrer was saving a few critical shots to keep his team in the game In case Hans Linderg pursued his one man show on the wing.

Ten minutes before the end of the game, the visitors were simply one goal down. But, together with Fabian Wiede scoring three times in the last two minutes to present his team a three-goal advantage, which was enough for them to shoot both points, Berlin & rsquo proved to be critical, while in the very last minutes.

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