gets his win but after a end to his struggle against on Saturday he might be looking in a re match.

The battle ended following a wild opening around that saw Lawler turn the tables on Askren by decreasing the 2008 Olympian during the opening exchange in his head and subsequently hoisting him. Lawler then pounced with a barrage of punches which nearly brought an end.

While he’d Lawler against the cage, askren lived and subsequently came back with a bulldog choke of his own. Lawler’referee Herb Dean hurried in to block the contest and s hand dropped while Askren needed the submission.

Upon replay, Lawler’s hand failed to hit the canvas but afterward it raised to offer a thumb’s as much as tell the referee but a minute after the fight had been stopped.

president expressed his displeasure with how in which the struggle stopped.

“This has been a stoppage that is bad. It happens. What exactly are you going to do? It sucks. It was a fantastic fight. ”

On account of the ending, White would like to book Askren against Lawler again.

Because of his part, Askren wasn’t that worked up about running back with Lawler, regardless of how anybody else or White believed about the stoppage.

At which Darren Till assumes on Jorge Masvidal askren would prefer to face the winner of this main event.


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