In overwhemling charge of these tie, procuring a lead going into the second leg esbjerg’s overwhemingly powerful next half performance against Kuban has placed them. Whilst Viborg and Siófok did not triumph by 1-3 goals, they mind in to the second leg games together with superb chances of progressing and also claimed big wins.

Quarterfinal, First-leg

Esbjerg ’s 13-goal out triumph renders the Russian team having a hill and it is exceedingly improbable that Kuban’s EHF Cup run will develop a happy end.

For the head coach of Kuban, whose, the result is bothersome given that they led at half-time. Yet after the break, Esbjerg played with an astonishing 23 goals and were unstoppable.

The lack of injured playmaker Yaroslava Frolova took its toll, although diana Golub made a favorable impact netting seven days for its hosts.

And in the team, left Estavana Polman scored two goals, whilst lineup player Vilde Ingstad added. With a 77% shot efficiency, Esbjerg took a step towards the semi-final.

Team Esbjerg coach Jesper Jensen emphasized a shift that was defensive to be iuential to his side’s second half performance. “At the rest we shifted defence, and we scored a few aims on fast breaks. We have created a good groundwork ahead of the return game in ,” he explained.

“We had a great first half, in which everything exercised – the defence worked and we firmly played in the attack. In the 2nd half, it broke down. We missed a few easy objectives and were struggling to return to the game,” explained Denis Sayfulin, Kuban coach.

At the league this season, both meetings between NykøViborg and also bing were obtained by Nykøbing. Nevertheless, the ladies ’s EHF Cup is a competition that is different, also Viborg look to be a significant force in . The eight-goal success in Naestved has been that their 13th win in 13 matches.

The visitors boasted a good defence, using Rikke Poulsen shining in goal. In attack, abandoned and abandoned wing Ann Grete Norgaard Osterballe Line Haugsted were also a large threat, end up with nine and eight aims respectively.

Viborg led at one point within the first half, however a series of the mistakes helped Nykøbing slash the gap at half time to 16:11.

Line Haugsted, Viborg left back, was pleased using the operation of Viborg but emphasised the need to repeat it. “We played well with plenty of discipline now. In the next game we now have to keep doing this and also make a good operation from the defence and pass the ball quickly from the offence,” she explained.

Just like Viborg, Siófok had won six games from the group phase, now the ambitious Hungarian side revealed their high quality again, beating Storhamar by seven aims.

However, Siófok’s superior depth in their squad allowed them to gradually raise the advantage in the next half.

Andrea Kobetic was particularly prolific in this particular match, finishing the game and her sway helped Siófok to clinch a success that is comfortable 31:24.

TEXT: Sergey Nikolaev / jw


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