continues to be the light heavyweight winner after another showcase operation at 235.

Jones, who is widely considered among the better fighters to ever grace the Octagon, placed on a martial arts practice to out strike and out grapple Smith for 25 straight minutes in the initial defense of his title after regaining the belt this past December.

As confidence because Smith boasted before the struggle started, it was Jones who managed restrain the pace of the struggle nearly from the very first exchange and to assess the exact length. Jones then started picking him apart with a barrage of kicks and pawed at Smith.

Jones wasn’t only assaulting one section of Smith’s human body, as an alternative targeting sets from his thighs with kisses to several turning strikes to the human body and completing with shots to the head.

Smith managed to fire using a collection of counter right hands which found a home over more than just a couple occasions, while Jones had been an offensive juggernaut.

Still, Smith did a lot of waiting to react to that which Jones was doing where he may attack since the winner was always trying to find the opening.

Jones’ output continues to be methodical while wearing down Smith before he finally made a decision to take the struggle to the bottom with a slam at the next round punishing.

He didn’t even get the finish while he had been throwing strikes against every position involving some knee strikes to the shin, but Jones was muscling Smith on the mat.

Ahead of the round, Smith’s corner begged him to start becoming more offensive after spending the of the struggle waiting to attack.

Unfortunately it then unleashing a collection of elbow strikes which had Smith wobbled while asking for longer and had been marching.

Smith was eventually tossed by jones where he began unleashing hell on Smith, that was bleeding profusely by a nose which has been busted open throughout an earlier exchange.

The assault had been uninterrupted chipping away at Smith whilst the pupil struggled to get a moment to breathe. As Smith attempted to get back up against the ground before the round ended, Jones uncorked a knee attack which smashed him in the face area.

An illegal attack hurried in to stopping the contest while he had his hands on the mat rendering it as Smith was hit by the knee. Jones was docked by Dean two things for the filthy although smith was OK to continue.

Eventually the didn’t matter as Jones had been without the signs of committing Smith a inch to forge a comeback in complete control.

Jones stayed the aggressor whilst shoving against Smith from the cage and bullying him with punches, elbows and knees. It was a Show Case since Jones defended his title without much of a threat from Smith, who earned a moral success by going five rounds together with the best mixed martial artist of them all.

The judges scored the struggle the in favor of Jones, that remains the light heavyweight winner As it was finished.

With out a cut competition lined up to face, Jones has vanquished another competitor at heavy weight Along with his latest win.

In terms of Smith, he was upset about the way in which the struggle performed but he managed to go 25 minutes in his initial injection gold. He also responded to the prohibited knee attack at the fourth round where he could have said he couldn’t continue and he would have been victorious.


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