Zagreb Attract Szeged as Paris and Also Skjern Wrap-up Group-b with wins

At the battle between your sides that were already out of emptiness, Skjern chose a 35:32 win against Celje.

  • Zagreb couldn’t Leap Frog Motor Zaporozhye and will face Vardar at the Last 16, as the Ukrainian side matches Kielce to get a place in the quarterfinals
  • At Paris, Luka Stepancic scored nine to its hosts, while Maxim Babichev netted 6.

    Raul Gonzalez, Paris’ coach, made the most of the fact that his team had already secured first place in the group to give some players that had had less in the last few weeks playing time. Maybe that explained the hosts required the some time to listen directly to the match Zaporozhye carrying the part, at the beginning, 4:2. However, Aidenas Malasinskas was lost by the people into a injury and so were made to play with two players.

    In the second half, Zaporozhye tried their best together with Pawel Paczkowski and Barys Pukhouski revealing form to come back. However, Paris never felt theatened, as a result of Rodrigo Corrales’ conserves that gave the hosts that the capacity or four goals beforehand the majority of times. In the previous ten minutes, gave a last push, bringing a blood onto the court together with youngters Edouard Kempf and Adrien Chaudanson. The advantage went before revealing six.

    Raul Gonzalez was pleased with how his Paris side finished the Group Stage,”Zaporozhye is acting perfectly now, we saw this on the tapes we first saw to ready the match. We play with a sturdy defence each and every match. We made a few mistakes in the first half, but it had been better in the part of the game. I’m filled of the effect and of the group phase, we won every match, except in Szeged.”
    Motor Zaporozhye’s Viktor Kireev had this to say,”It’therefore difficult to play Paris. They’ve a lot of players that are good. I h them best of fortune for the rest of the growing season. Even if we lose now, I’m so glad of my team and I h to congratulate my team mates to get the eligibility for the Round of 16.”

    Skjern Handbold (DEN) compared to RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko (SLO) 35:32 (20:14)
    There was nothing but pride to play for between both sides, as the following under-whelming effort for Celje along with also an abrupt hit-and-miss season for Skjern watched both teams from contention with one round to move.
    Skjern immediately came back and built his guide upon a 7:2 run which was critical for its game’so fate. Outings from the pair of wings, Rene Rasmussen and Anders Eggert, watched jump into their most first half of their season, as they headed Celje 20:14.
    Using an impressive shot efficacy of per cent, Skjern were unstoppable in attack, as Rasmussen was connected by a pair of Norwegians, lineup player Bjarte Myrhol and directly back Eivind Tangen, that scored eight times and six times respectively, to prevent Celje from cutting the gap into a lot more than four goals.
    Rightwing Gal Marguc’s nine goals were a game-high to get Celje, but the Slovenian side couldn’t avoid the 35:32 loss, their tenth of the season, which request them to continue place.
    Skjern leap-frogged their opponents using their first win in eleven games, but it had been too little too late, as they finished seventh, three points supporting Motor.

    Skjern goalkeeper Emil Nielsen considers his team were unfortunate over the duration of the season, “It had been important for all of us to get rid of the championship correctly, so we moved with full power into the match now, and which was sufficient. Our defence lacked a bit however our attack had been supreme, and which was the reason that people can win the match.

    “Overall, “unfortunate ” must be the very best word to describe our season in 2018/2019. The rest of the teams in the lower end of class B stole points from some of the teams, and we didn’t expect that. However, that made it difficult for all of us to get rid of in top six. We’re extremely disappointed, but we got 8 tips, that we presume is good in a difficult group. Of course, the majority of all I am sad that people didn’t hit the Last 16. ”

    2500 fans attended the match despite not having the ability to progress, and Nielsen appreciated the service, “We always have fantastic support in Skjern Bank Arena now. That usually means a lot and we have been very thankful that we now have a home ground such as this, where our fans are always there to support us. ”


    MOL-Pick Szeged (HUN) compared to H C PPD Zagreb (CRO) 26:26 (14:14)
    As Szeged already clinched the second place two rounds past, there was everything for Zagreb to play , as they had to better Motor’s result if these were to finish fifth in the group and put up a battle against Kielce and avert Vardar at the Last 16 period of this contest.
    There wasn’t much that Zagreb can do other than play catchup in the first half, as Szeged tried to secure their home court, at which they failed to miss a match this season.
    However, Szeged failed to force their way for its win and Zagreb failed to bow down, not when the Croatian side was still on a three-goal shortage, 10:7, as Slovenian play maker Dean Bombac was brilliant, scoring four times in the initial 15minutes.
    21-year old abandoned wing David Mandic had his best outing for Zagreb this season, scoring seven times to get the Croatian side, that tied the match, 14:14, at halftime.
    Together with Mandic and right back Ivan Srsen almost unstoppable, Zagreb took the lead for the very first time in the 31st minute and ordered the rhythm on.
    A two-goal cause Zagreb was easily turned back with a 3:1 streak from Szeged, inspired again by Bombac, 20:19, but the lead shifted once again using Zagreb’s own 4:1 sequence.
    However, all looked to be when a 4:0 Szeged run inspired by Bombac along with lineup player Bence Banhidi took the hosts to a 25:23 lead.
    Yet it was still not over. Zagreb were able to claw back, Mandic converted another two shots as well as the match finished in a tie, 26:26.
    While Zagreb might have finished level with Motor, the Ukrainian side finished in fifth place, due to holding the tie breaker between both sides, with the Croatian champions in sixth.

    Juan Carlos Pastor, Szeged’s coach, said how either side rotated their benches,”Both teams played with players that aren’t any chance in past season. Zhitnikov and bombac showed performance that was very good. It had been important for all of people, our goalkeepers. We used those players that have many opportunities so far, we can see that they should experiences.”

    Zagreb’s Branko Tamse beleived a draw was fair,”Today’so match was very good with extra speed. We had amazing groundwork, although we knew we came a very hard place. We were playing new platform, we made several mistakes because Szeged played. Great fortune for Szeged in League and . Today’s response was fair, as, Szeged and Zagreb had chance for a victory.”


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