Ben Askren wasn’t impressed with Kamaru Usman’s performance at UFC 235.

Askren, the prior Bellator plus one Championship title holder who made his successful Octagon debut against Robbie Lawler on Saturday’s pay per view cardtweeted that Usman “fought like ab *tch” following a native Nigerian’s dominant championship victory over tyronwoodley

Askren conquered Lawler via controversial first-round stoppage in his long-awaited debut, scoring a entry via bull dog choke after referee Herb Dean deemed Lawler to be more respectful. The welterweight champion protested the telephone, but eventually Dean’Askren was mastered the victor and s decision stood.

“I was disappointed with the team,” Askren expressed. “I thought I’d it stuck on Tuesday that as soon as I got done with my fight, I would venture out to the cage [to corner Woodley]. They said no problem. And I tried going on the market and so they stopped me. They wouldn’that I was disappointed by that, and t even let me head in the stadium. I am talking about, in case you don’where I could watch one of my best friends do, t desire to let me in the corner, fine, but find an chair for me somewhere a couple pops back.

“I was really disappointed with that fact because I thought the difficulty has been handled in advance and that I didn’t foresee that becoming a problem, so I hurried straight back, I skipped stitches so that I could move out there with themand then they ceased me. And that I didn’t like that.

“I understand that there ’s rules and stuff ,” Askren added, “but that I thought I did my due diligence. ”

Woodley wound up getting shut out in the competition, succumbing to Usman’s pressure and tenacious wrestling abilities. And Askren wants he’d ’ve been given the chance to support his longtime friend and perhaps provide.

“I coach a great deal of children, right? My brother and also you never know and I own three wrestling academies — sometimes it’s not necessarily me, but exactly just what somebody else ’s definitely going to express ’s definitely going to make something click.


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