LAS VEGAS — considering that new-comer Ben Askren gained a reasonable quantity of the media attention going right into UFC 235 this week, his first fight with Robbie Lawler

After weathering a first offensive blitz Askren was able to recover enough to reset. Mid way through the first roundthat he took Lawler right down to the canvas, and minutes later sunk a bulldog choke to the former champion.

Almost instantaneously, Lawler awakened to his feet and protested the stoppage to Dean.

president Dana White was asked regarding the stoppage through the 235 post-fight press conference at the .

“This has been a stoppage that is bad, it happens. What are you really going to do? It stinks, it turned into a fight. ”

White said that he’d want to conduct back a rematch between Askren and Lawler to find resolution. Asked what he Askren’s operation from the controversy,” White said Askren showed him some thing to withstand the beating he took in the opening minute of this fight.


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