, Calif. — Count Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant at the group that believes the Boston Celtics will figure out their issues before the Game begin.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday’s match up against the Celtics at Oracle Arena, Durant sounded confident that Kyrie Irving and the Celtics will get things rolling again so on. The Celtics head into Tuesday’s game with lost five of their past six games.

“They are up there at the most effective,” Durant said when asked about the Celtics. “They have been losing a few games but they have the most notable talent, a number of the best talent on that team, so they will be fine once the playoffs begin”

Durant said he believes the Celtics still require time to find a rhythm inside their roster. Both Gordon Hayward and Irving missed the Celtics’ strong playoff run this past year, and also the team has struggled to find consistency at times.

“Everybody probably thought these were supposed to be winning and clicking 65 games,” Durant said. “As they had the talent and so they went into the Eastern Conference finals this past 12 months, Game 7, however, it’s a fresh season. There’s a whole lot of teams which changed their rosters to stack up at the East, so it’s a different team. So they’re still getting used to each other, becoming back and Kyrie back, and another year of adventure for the people that had the playoffs, so it’s definitely going to be all through the entire year.”

Many pundits chose the Celtics play against the Warriors and Durant and to reach the Finals, but the Celtics currently sit fifth position at the Eastern Conference standings.

“It’s just the character of the game,” Durant said. “They have got a bunch of players that are young, they have a few veterans which have been throughout the struggle, so they are still trying to work each other out. It will take more than just a half a year or even an entire year to find it out. They are just going to continue growing, so what you find now is probably not the finished product.”

Durant, who went after enrolling with the Warriors a couple summers past, believes since they continue developing their chemistry, the Celtics just need to have patience.

“I like to compare a lot of people to connections — do you want to accelerate a relationship which goes straight from dating to marriage during a month? [Assembling teams is] just the thing. With the years you have got to learn patterns of behavior guys like their routines, where they like the chunk, whatever that type of material. It’s only from building everyday to the basketball court, so it’s going to take a while.”

They will do so battling injuries Once the Celtics are faced by the Warriors. Backup center Kevon Looney will not play on Tuesday after an MRI revealed nasal congestion, according to Warriors coach . Looney participate after Monday’s clinic, or so the injury does not appear too serious.

Thompson didn’t practice Monday but took part in post-practice shooting exercises after sitting out Saturday’s conquer the Philadelphia 76ers and is questionable for Tuesday. Beloved Andre Iguodala was provided a rest day on Monday and also is suspicious for Tuesday.

“We didn’t need him to clinic today. He desired him to undergo treatment so that’s what he’d… no standard injury but it’s just like the older Tim Duncan line when he had been a DNP-old.

Alfonzo McKinnie will be probable for Tuesday’s game after leaving Saturday’s game because of a left hip contusion.


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