’s proprietors are currently considering buying a club says executive Ferran Soriano.

City Football Group increased its portfolio to seven clubs later purchasing a stake in Chinese third-tier side Sichuan Jiuniu FC at February.

As well as , the team also possesses or has stocks in City, Melbourne City, Yokohama F Marinos, Atletico Torque and Girona.

“Together with these improvements we have to have patience,” said Soriano.

“We have some attention in a few markets and countries where there is an authentic football passion and opportunities, like China, but also . So there can be other opportunities in Asia.

“We have been looking at for almost a couple of decades now. I’d say this year we’ll wind up doing an investment in .”

City Football Group was created at 2013 since City’s very first sister club was established in newyork.

“As we all see it now, there is an all pure pace of growth that we will accompany that takes us to more than seven teams, but perhaps not 100 teams,” added Soriano.

“I cannot watch ten decades beforehand however, the group could have a couple of teams more. Is this likely to change in five decades and we will own more? Maybe, I actually don’t understand that.

“However, to complete the vision that we had six decades ago, I think we may have maybe two or three clubs “


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