The M-Sport Ford World Rally Team driver was the surprise of the opening afternoon in as he promised two stage wins and directed that a event for its first time in his career.

Mountainous gravel paths replace Sweden’s snow-covered woods roads at the round at Mexico, but Suninen is set to keep up his front-running form.

That work revealed in Sweden, and I hope it will show in Mexico. ”

Suninen has handled the Mexican around before, winning the 2 category in 2016. He reacquainted himself during a test at the hills north of with the gravel-spec Fiesta.

“The feeling was really good, however there’s obviously a small uncertainty going into the events even as people don’t even understand exactly what our rivals do. There was that exact identical sense before Sweden, but our pace was fine and also we had the speed to challenge to the most notable results”

“I’ll possess a later beginning position, however ’s not necessarily a good thing because there might be a lot of stones dragged onto the line. The trick for me is likely to be to drive neatly and have the consequences in addition to the rate,” he included.

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