The decision to prohibit them from players in the two move windows of Fifa has been appealed against by .

It follows the world governing body’s investigation in to the registering of foreign players that are under-18 of .

Fifa says it saw breaches in 29 cases out of 9-2 investigated, for example striker Bertrand Traore at Lyon.

The body states it has received an appeal but could not confirm when this might be heard.

have also been fined £460,000, while the Football Association has been fined £390,000.

The ban, which runs until January 2020’s end, will not apply to their women’s and futsal teams and does not prevent the release of players.

How did that occur?

Based on records from Soccer Leaks, French internet site Mediapart claimed in November the 1 9 Chelsea signings had been hunted over during a three-year investigation.

Mediapart alleged the 14 of those signings were under the age of 18.

It had been earliest reported in September 2017 that were investigated.

Burkina Faso Traore signed his first contract in at the age of 18, but was not enrolled until January 2014.

Mediapart claimed Fifa found signs that they had been misled by while Traore was found to have made 25 appearances for the Blues at various levels – under-18 under-16 and first team – despite not being enrolled by the FA.

confessed they paid his mother £155,000, along with a further £13,000 to the club chaired – AJE Bobo-Dioulasso – in April 2011 to allow refusal over his signature to them.

Despite the limitation for under 18s being three years This bargain had been for years.

and equally received resisted for violating rules within the registering of minors in early 2016, whereas fellow Spanish club were awarded a 14-month ban after violating rules.

But a appeal watched their punishment pushed back allowing the club to register Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic, Jeremy Mathieu, Clo Bravo and marc andre ter Stegen.

Which are Fifa’s rules?

Fifa prohibits the transfer of under 18s to distinct states unless they meet strict criteria. It brought to help protect children from trafficking and exploitation.

Under-18s can only be transferred overseas

  • The ball player’s parents move to the united states in which the new club is located for non-footballing factors.
  • Both clubs are at the an Union or an Economic Area and also the player is aged between 16 and 18. Even then, more criteria regarding education, schooling, living conditions and encourage must be met by the purchasing club.
  • They reside within 100km of this club.


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