Colby Covington had an interesting weekend in nevada capped off with a near brawl that broke out in the Palms Hotel and Casino buffet line.

As Covington waited in line to get food, as mad because narrative sounds, it happened and he wound with fresh welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, his boss Ali Abdelaziz and the other member of his team.

Covington explained his side of this situation on Tuesday.

“I needed some crab legs, waiting in line to get crab legs and suddenly this f–king Sasquatch and Usman and Ali f–king run up on me, come barreling through, pushing f–king that an elderly lady and children aside, that is hilarious since the night before ‘Snoozeman’s got his f–king child in this thing attempting to play with this great guy character,” Covington said when speaking to MMAWeekly. “We found out that’SA f. This ’s –king false. At least I’MA f–king badguy and I admit it.

“The guy comes barreling through, shoving ladies, a lady — a lady was pushed by him to the medial side! I h that they got it all on tape. This ’therefore I needed that the Palms cassette but I wasn’t heading to press charges as if I press charges afterward ‘Snoozeman’ has deported back to Nigeria and I don’t even receive an opportunity to whoop his ass in that Octagon. Ali, toohe can have deported back to whatever country he snitched on so they could give him the death sentence that he deserves it afterwards attempting inform me he’s going to kill me and shoot me in the center of the f–king Palms Casino directly outside the buffet line. ”

Covington asserts that Abdelaziz made death threats towards him during the episode whilst the next member of the entourage was getting physical towards him and his friends in line.

Covington claims that the Palms Hotel and Casino reached him out and asked him to leave the land when banning him , after the altercation happened.

He ended up flying home to Florida on Monday and that’s he considers Usman and his manager orchestrated the full altercation to put him in to trouble with the .

“Obviously, they came trying for me to lose my cool. They wanted me to jeopardize my chances. You notice, Ali’s trying to call to fight Usman. wasn’t impressive. He doesn’t have a fictitious win in the . Not one which the refs didn’he is given by t even. Which means you visit Ali, that they had a plan, they wanted me to do something crazy which went to f–k my title fight but I’m not likely to get it done I myself am a bad guy but I’m a guy for the hire. I’m. I’m counting down the days. ”

So Covington is awaiting his Opportunity to settle things once and for all inside the Octagon the disdain shared between the 2 fighters thus obviously real.  

“he ’s fine to fight, we will need to run this s–t reason I’m going to get rid of his career. ”


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