Together with the introduction of a fresh version car within the Ford Mustang and also a plethora of new aero rules — which vary in times from race-to-race — Penske has been seen two of its three Cup drivers acquire two of first three races.

Most teams including Penske –‘ve never gotten the complete grasp on the impacts of the new rules, nor even seen a number of the mixes introduction yet in OnTrack activity.

However, with just two of its teams locked in the playoffs that does look to be an fantastic advantage for Penske to have within the competition during the 2 3 remaining races in the normal season.

locked himself into the playoffs with a victory in the Daytona 500, and Penske drivers Brad Keselowski and also Joey Logano have adopted in These two races.

Probably the most striking accomplishment of this back-to-back wins with Penske is that they came on paths that surfaced parts or most of this season ’s new aero rules. Daytona was run on exactly the exact rules as a year ago.

Even so, Logano’s crew chief, Todd Gordon, was adamant there is still far for Penske teams to know in the races to come and that may seem somewhat daunting for its own rivalry, many of which can be still hoping to come to terms with a new car or new rules — or both.

“It’s something we’t got to keep on to learn on, and we’ll know once we get to different race paths since that is a racetrack that doesn’t have a lot of (tire) fall off.  Atlanta did have alot, and will be its own monster.  Every racetrack we visit have a learning curve.

 We’t got to continue to drive to get better because we know All Those men are

While some of their contest are still coming to grasps to receive their cars to perform most useful now, Penske gets the ability to concentrate a little bit down the street toward the playoffs.

It also allows them some more freedom to experiment in areas including qualifying, which was a learning experience for everyone in Las Vegas.

Gordon knows, though, that while his team might be looking ahead, the rivalry has been already back in their headquarters carrying the data from the last two races and making improvements themselves.

“I presume that you ’ll find that evolve for everybody.  I believe even us, it’s going to evolve again, and we’ll sit down and have the adventures to talk about where we thought we were good and at which we all think we could be better and I’d expect each of our competitions to be doing the identical thing.

We’t got to continue to drive progress because we know those guys all are , too.

From the coming weeks, it’s most likely a few other teams may probably hit something with the rules in order to find their way to Victory Lane as well.

Contemplating Penske has won the very first two excursions together with the new aero rules — while also dealing with a fresh vehicle version — it’s hard to not find the company for a cut above the others — for the time being.

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