Did you watch the 235 connection between and also ? Can there be some more controversy? 

Lawler unleashed the hell hath no fury of the brand of pound and ground, putting Askren to and tossed Askren on his mind.

Asrken were able to come back to a semblance of coherence putting Lawler and lived. A brief time later, Lawler’s arm went limp and referee Herb Dean stepped in and waved the fight off.

Askren walked outside of this Octagon the victor in his debut.

The Dean stopped the bout, asserting the stoppage and however, Lawler was wide awake. 

Should Dean have stopped it earlier when Askren had been getting the daylights beat out of him? Was Dean correct in quitting it if Lawler’s arm briefly went bankrupt? Should Askren simply relent and agree which is why president immediately clamored?

TRENDING p Ben Askren shoots Dana White’s no idea of instantaneous rematch following UFC 235

On the fight being broken by his podcast, the bout broke together with Brendan Schaub, talking through the various points of this fight and announced, like White, that he hed to see a rematch.


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