Hammer fought hard, but he had no match for all King Kong Ortiz’s technical skills. It interesting how Ortiz was shifting fashions to reveal appearances that are unique to keep him guessing. Everything Ortiz did functioned . It was like watching a scientist inside the ring.

Later just a little was gassed by Ortiz hammer did better in the tournament rounds. Hammer looked marginally better in the previous 3 rounds in contrast to from the first two weeks, although it was still all Ortiz at the struggle for the entire contest. Ortiz revealed against Wilder and Hammer that he has stamina conditions that impact his performances in the previous quarter of his fights. The one thing is, it’therefore not easy to make it against the hard hitting southpaw Ortiz into the tournament rounds.

Although Ortiz is getting up there in age at 3-9, he’s fighting better than a lot of the top heavyweights in the division. Ortiz’s lefthand is your equalizer. We found with Ortiz managed to hurt that the Hammer a few times within their struggle at the Barclays Center , in Brooklyn.

“The struggle wasn’t exactly what I was expecting,” said Ortiz.

The wide scores demonstrated just how much of a dominating performance it was for Ortiz with him winning by the dozens 99-91, 100-90 and 99-91. Hammer out of his league fought a heavy weight like Ortiz.


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