’s interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer maintains his contract with former club Molde has expired.

Norwegian side Molde announced December, two weeks before Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho in United, that he’d consented a deal that was fresh.

But, that story has been taken out of the club’s web site.

Speaking about a possible yield to Molde, Solskjaer told Norwegian media on Monday:”I think I would have to sign a new contract there.”

The 2018 season of molde had finished at that time Solskjaer departed. The campaign starts by the close of March.

The former team stressed during precisely the time that they were just”committing” Solskjaer into United, suggesting he anticipated to go back.

The statement announcing the coming of Solskjaer as caretaker boss of united made no mention of whether or not he’d go back into Molde if the season ends.

The former striker has been connected with securing the project on a permanent basis after engineering an extraordinary turn around in .

Norwegian journalist Arilas Berg Ould-Saada told BBC Radio 5 Live:”Firstly we thought he was on loan, so basically his Molde contract was still running for 3 decades but was frozen and he’d return straight back to Molde in the summer.

“Now, maybe United only paid him out from the contract so as to be confident they won’t need to pay for any more money if they need him because an permanent manager.

“If all those are the technicalities afterward United won’t need to pay for any reimbursement at all.”


The intriguing issue is Solskjaer situation with Molde is just a close irrelevance when it comes to his position.

Much more notable is how that United’s decision to utilize Solskjaer as the face in these season ticket sales hype for 2019-20.

And who is deciding what’s happening during preseason, in addition to making decisions on new contracts and transports? The answer is Solskjaer.

The intelligent money is on him returning to Molde.


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