Jarrell Miller says”posh” world-champion has an”image problem” since the group prepare to meet in about 1 June.

2-9, joshua, will defend his , and WBO titles against American Miller.

Miller considers Joshua’s claims of”being a thug” are not true because of his home counties upbringing.

“He is from an area not known for being demanding,” Miller told BBC Radio 5 reside Boxing together with Costello and Bunce podcast.

Brooklyn-born Miller, 30, was raised in a”rough broken home” and says he used combats sports to shield himself after getting assaulted in the street.

Joshua was raised in Hertfordshire however, until age 14, dwelt on Watford’s Meriden estate – one of the most deprived areas of the town.

Miller has previously indicated Joshua had gained from a privileged route to success, to which his competitor responded by saying,”I got banned from the area I had been growing up because I had been becoming too much trouble.

“The condition of my hands – that is not from , that really is from streetfighting. I have shifted my whole life style around.”

Miller – apt to be Joshua’s deepest professional opponent using weighed 22st 7lbs because of his last contest – said”I’m smarter than AJ, however sometimes I come across as arrogant as I’m a warrior.

“There is no such thing to be humble in the warfare.

“The mental attention is all about imagining the wake, however until I get to the attractiveness, I have to show the grit.”


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