FRISCO, Texas — It was a surreal spectacle of sorts in Prime 4-7 in Indianapolis last week.

Only a few feet away at a table near the front were David Canter, also the agent for defensive ending DeMarcus Lawrence, also members of the team in DEC Management.

It was hard to tell if there is animosity between your sides, however, there wasn’t enough compromise for them inside their discussions.

Now that the label is set up, exactly what are the alternatives out there?

Play on the tender

If Canter and the Cowboys do not get yourself a long term deal done by July 1-5, this is the only alternative. The Cowboys were minutes a way from that happening in 2015 with Dez Bryant, but could actually sneak that five-year, $70 million deal at under the wire.

The last time the Cowboys needed a person on the franchise label in consecutive years was out linebacker Anthony Spencer, that earned a total of $19.4 million over the 2012-2013 seasons. If Lawrence plays on the label, he will generate a total amount of 37.6 million over the previous two seasons.

Without a deal, Lawrence will not take role in organized team tasks, the plan, minicamp and training camp. In addition, he needs knee operation, which has yet to be scheduled. The Cowboys in the offing on him overlooking most of the offseason program anyway, although the timing of the operation will determine when Lawrence will get on the area.

Sign a Long Term deal

This really might be the better of both worlds for both parties.

Because of that which he intends to the shield, the Cowboys want to procure Lawrence’s services. Lawrence wants a lasting bargain so he can procure the maximum guaranteed money potential (up of $60 million) in a game in which careers can end quickly.

As both sides are making it out to become, this should not be as troublesome.

The Cowboys bear some culpability for not doing discussions before sending an offer over a few days before the combine. They could have started discussions as soon as they lost to the la Rams on Jan. 12 from the divisional round of the playoffs.

Canter is outside to secure his client in what will be the best chance for Lawrence the many he could, but there has to be some give and take.

Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin come to mind Lately. Those three were the greatest.

Lawrence isn’t likely to top that, but he will become the second-highest paid one of edge rushers.

A trade

With regards to the label, teams have to hand over two picks to the Cowboys to sign Lawrence. The possibility of that happening are as slim as those of the Cowboys moving upto the No. 1 choice in the upcoming draft.

Back in 2000the Cowboys gave up consecutive first-round picks to the Seattle Seahawks to sign wide receiver Joey Galloway, also he suffered a season-ending knee injury in his first game.

However, the Cowboys could be happy to accept an alternative level of reimbursement for Lawrence, the combination of choices or picks and players.

What could the Cowboys get for Lawrence, who turns 27 in April? Probably not two first-rounders, but one could be got by them from the team in the around. They don’t really have a first-round pick this season due to the Amari Cooper trade.

Of course, should Lawrence is traded by them, they don’t really have their and will have to find a replacement.

Ordinarily do not come to be available. The Cowboys hunted hard and long to find what owner and general manager Jerry Jones requires a”war daddy,” after clipping DeMarcus Ware after the 2013 season.

They traded to get Lawrence, who required some time to develop but headed the Cowboys in sacks in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Finding that sort of value could appear difficult.