After he entered last season with no contract expansion tagging Clowney was inevitable but after two seasons of playing in a high level and avoiding accidents, Clowney has demonstrated himself worthy of a expansion.

Rather than being awarded a deal, clowney entered 2018. The Texans have long operated by the principle of committing veteran players an expansion entering the last year of their contracts, as they did with wide recipient DeAndre Hopkins. As an alternative, they let Clowney play his contract out onto his own fifth-year option, preferring to wait and determine if he could stay healthier and produce in an elite level. He did.

Today, Houston must choose whether it really wants to maintain.

After showing himself, again, Clowney will profit. The Texans enter the off season with significantly more than $78 million in cap space and a franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson, on his rookie contract for three more seasons. Though it’s likely Houston won’t even wait that long to benefit Watson, it will provide the Texans atleast two years with no quarter back contract.

With a Clowney expansion, Houston will be able to deal with a few of its glaring holes. Resigning safety Tyrann Mathieu

Oakland Raiders learned last season when they exchanged outside linebacker Khalil Mack into the Chicago Bears

The Texans were ranked 12th in total defense last season but against the run. Houston allowed an -low 3.4 rushing yards per attempt, largely thanks to Clowney and Watt.

The duo helped Houston move from 4-12 from 2017 to 115 and an AFC South championship in 2018. With a secondary which proved vulnerable to big plays through the entire season and playoffs, the Texans’ front seven was their driving force. Under defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel Watt and Clowney are always moved across the line of scrimmage, causing havoc and then uncertainty for opposing offensive lines.

There’ve been some questions regarding Clowney’s work ethic, as well as his health, which could play to perhaps the franchise hes to get for the long haul him in. But contributes to the field don’t lieand Clowney has shown himself as a defensive play maker in the . Considering how critical defense was into the Texans’ recent victory, Clowney should not hit on the freeagent sector.


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