It is the first time that the figure has topped 14,000 hours, rising from almost 13,500 hours in 20 17. The increase claimed the ’s consistent growth, that has seen air time rise by more than 140 per cent.

“In recent seasons fans have enjoyed unpredictability and excitement that includes generated fantastic battles for rally titles and wins, and these positive ence figures reflect that,” he explained.

“developments to your competition arrangement, including revisions to the beginning arrangement along with an attractive Power Period structure, with all extra bonus points on hand, have helped raise fan attention to new degrees.

Worldwide ence amounts topped 800 million for a second year

“Competition with the new-generation World Rally Cars has been closer than ever before. Five distinct drivers won rallies past season and all our four manufacturer teams won at least on one occasion.

Monte-Carlo, Spain and were the rallies in 2018. The high-profile opening round in is really a conventional crowd peak of this summer growing season, but figures spiked again as the title battle at the two fixtures came to its climax.

Japan and france, Poland, Belgium, Finland, Spain would be the very best six TV markets. Turkey, that hosted on a championship round since 2010 for the first time , instantly vaulted into the top 10.

Ciesla additionally pointed to the favorable impact of coverage.

“Considering 2014 the live programmes produced for television have dropped to 50 hours. In exactly the same interval, the whole quantity of programme hours offered to broadcast spouses has increased by 38 per cent to 85 hours,” he included.

Nielsen’s amounts also revealed increased benefits on the car manufacturers engaged in the . For the first time that they each enjoyed a press value of a lot more than euro;100 million. The media that is average value to ’s manufacturers has risen by 70 per cent.

Nielsen also reported societal media figures and strong digital. The number of followers onto the ’s programs.


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