The 20-19 NFL draft is a little less than two weeks off. Teams spent the last week at the scouting combine getting a look at the gift.

They have to determine what to do together with their picks. Following is a look at a few of the questions they will answer.

What can it require for the Cardinals to trade the No. 1 overall pick?

Plenty. The Cardinals have yet to specify a price for the top pick, but they won’t go back till it’s just right — whether that offer includes quarterback Josh Rosen. But they are doing their research on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, meaning if they do not get a offer that blows away them, the Cardinals be comfortable staying at No. 1. — Josh Weinfuss

Can the 49ers rather commerce down by the No. 2 area or put in a e lite border rusher?

Coach Kyle Shanahan has emphasized the requirement for”closers” for a team who has lost 11 one-possession games within the previous two seasons, also he likened a premier edge rusher to having a high heeled. Considering that and the Niners’ location with the No. 2 overall pick, San Francisco is apparently better served to stay put and choose a real difference-maker on the exterior. That is certainly not to say if somebody came calling the 49ers wouldn’t listen, and service could change matters.

The Jets hauled off the biggest commerce of this 2018 draft. How likely are they do it this year in No. 3?

The motivation is there, no wonder. General director Mike Maccagnan would love to pull a reverse of this past year, down trading and recouping what he sent into the Colts: three picks. To make it happen, though, he’ll require a quarterback-needy team as someone. Did somebody say that the Giants? The rivals have not made a trade by shifting places but they can help out each other. With extra choices, numerous openings could be plugged by the Jets. If sense is made by a trade, the Jets can take action.

Talk about a loaded question, because a class can not be fairly judged by you until two or three years after draft day, right? Let us simply say general director Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden need to absolutely nail these picks. And from nail, I me an address particular demands at pass-rusher, receiver and in the secondary. If a number of those elite pass-rushers falls into their lap in No. 4 (paging Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams), so be it. But when the Raiders are able to trade back, get additional selections and address said demands, which will have been a prosperous. Check back a couple of years. — Paul Gutierrez

Let us fix the Bucs’ defense with the No. 5 pick. What rankings (and prospects) can that they eye?

The Buccaneers have demands at every degree of the defense, so they are able to go available with the choice. Mississippi State defensive end Montez Sweat‘s experience in either a 3-4 and 4-3 plot along with his speed (4.41 40-yard dashboard at the combine( using a 1.44 10-yard split) can make for a terrific pairing with Jason Pierre Paul . In case Kwon Alexander does not reunite, LSU linebacker Devin White would be terrific on the inside alongside Lavonte David.

Give us a percent chance the Giants take a quarterback with the No. 6 pick, and is there a QB they like over the others at this point?

72.2 percent. General director said he would like to shed a quarterback on the franchise and eventually watch him from his retirement home on Cape Cod. In addition, he noted evidence you will get those quarterbacks perhaps not everywhere. Therefore it’s clear he wants a first-round quarterback provided that there is an option using a high-enough grade. Dwayne Haskins generally appears to be their favorite after hammering the Giants throughout their 15-minute meeting at the combine. He’s got the decision-makingsize, arm and what’s necessary to function as the face of a company. — Jordan Raanan

Together with the Jags likely to sign up Nick Foles at no service, what’s the biggest draft need?

Should they sign Foles, subsequently tight end, receiver or offensive line is a must in the first round at No. 7. They will also sign a veteran backup quarterback because they are required to proceed from Blake Bortles. — Mike DiRocco

The 1 position the Packers need to address their two first-round picks is ___________.

Edge rusher. Unless, of course, they are able to land a big-time broker. Several representatives that met at the combine with the Packers said that they got the perception that see what’s left in the budget for spots and the plan is to invest to a pass-rusher — or pass-rushers — in free service. Even if they do land a big time pass-rusher at no service, they may be a good idea to double up at the position together with either the No. 12 or No. 30 pick in general. — Rob Demovsky

Are the Dolphins still eye-ing the 20 20 draft to deal with the quarterback position, and also just what can it require them to draft one in the first round this past year?

may likely should trade up to get its QB, if he is picked by Arizona first overall, also Murray might not be available. Therefore even though Dolphins general director Chris Grier strove to throw water to the”tank for Tua” effort, it’s looking increasingly possible that may need to wait until 2020 to find its franchise QB. — Cameron Wolfe

Pittsburgh is nearly certainly moving wide receiver Antonio Brown that offseason. How likely would be that the team to draft his own replacement premature?

There’s a chance the Steelers select a-day 2 receiver to get the third successive draft. Pittsburgh needs help in this area, however, the receiver pool that is free agency is considered weak, and also its ability is believed in by the franchise. It has a history of finding impact pass-catchers out the first round. The Steelers are banks on James Washington making a calendar year 2 leap but desire more thickness behind JuJu Smith-Schuster. Despite obvious needs on defense, plucking a receiver from the first round, in No. 20, isn’t from this question.


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