Treated as”secondclass citizens” with their national federation, without the games or head coach for seven weeks, members of Colombia’s women’s team have begun to speak up.

Stars from the side of the men, including James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao, have now joined those voicing their support after allegations of sexual harassment within the girls’ under 17s setup came to light following complaints of discrimination.

Forward Melissa Ortiz says Colombia’s Soccer Federation treat the women’s squad”without the respect”, making players pay for their own traveling, after twice going over a year without an exercise camp.

Ranked 26th in the world, Colombia’s women have not played with an worldwide fixture . But if fans cannot view them play, authorities and marriages are now watching their position closely.

“We’re working hard with the aim to be host to the Women’s World Cup at 20 23. We reiterate to our players that the Colombian Football Federation is their home.”

Ortiz along with her team-mate Isabella Echeverri have enticed that the FCF of discrimination, saying they receive treatment that was much inferior in comparison with their male counter parts.

They allege that as well as complaints concerning the quality of facilities and the apparel, plus the truth their former head coach Nelson Abadia has not yet been replaced:

  • The FCF has stopped paying the gamers a predetermined daily sum of 60,000 Colombian pesos (roughly 20 US dollars)
  • The FCF Won’t pay for their international flights to Go to coaching camps
  • Over one event since 2012, more than a year’s gap handed between instruction camps

“I demand they honor and value , not only as people, but since footballers. It isn’t important whether we’re female or male,” Ortiz told BBC Sport.

“They’re treating us like secondclass citizens and perhaps not giving us the respect we deserve.

They added:”We encourage our companions, of the Colombian women’s team. Women’s football must continue to cultivate and develop, and for that the players will have all our aid “

“Soccer federations have a duty to give similar therapy to women and men’s national football teams; nevertheless they ought to not exclude or marginalize players”

Back in Argentina, striker Macarena Sanchez is suing her body because she believes they don’t encourage the women’s game.

Radamel Falcao (left), Juan Cuadrado (centre) and James Rodriguez (right)

‘We feared we would be cut out of the group’

Colombia completed fourth in 2018’s Women’s Copa America, later reaching the knockout stages of this 2015 Women’s World Cup and reaching the 2015 Panamerican Games’ closing.

Ortiz says as the team missed out in France and also 20 20’s Olympics has got worse.

“I’ve, before, taken care of my own flights, in addition to a great many other players who live outside of the nation, and it’s cost tens of thousands of dollars each, as any person would imagine playing for their national team,” she added.

“Additionally, after the Rio Olympics, we moved 400 days with out a coach and with no training camp or session. This has been detrimental.

“Likee, after 2012 London Olympics we went 745 days without any training or perhaps even a coach. We need to speak up about this”

Former Breakers player Ortiz, 29, resides in the usa but capable to play for’La Tricolor’ because both of her parents are Colombian.

Asked why she hadn’t spoken previously, she replied:”This was out of panic which we would be cut out of the team. No body hed to fight it because of the danger for their livelihood.

“I never said any such thing, as it’s your dream to play with the national team, but at this time we don’t have anything to lose.

“No know the consequences, but we’re fighting a battle to help women’s soccer, requiring respect and support”

Colombia women's team

Authorities ministry raises concerns to Fifa’s ethics committee

Since Ortiz and Echeverri raised their concerns publically, separate allegations of sexual harassment within the under 17s national group have come to light.

The FCF has faced criticism for its response to the allegations, including members of the country’s government.

He expresses surprise at FCF’s response and apparent attitude involving the allegations of sexual discrimination from Ortiz and also Echeverri, and asks that the FCF bring in grievance procedures.

“Within my circumstance as ombudsman, I would like to state my concern about the complaints which have been registered,” Mosquera writes.

“In sport, any obstacle which prevents the materialization of sex equality will be eliminated”

A announcement from the FCF added:“We ask the Attorney General’s office to clarify as soon as possible that the reported acts of alleged sexual abuse, for its welfare of our players and members of the Colombia Under-17 nationwide team.

“We categorically reject sexual harassment, and we declare zero tolerance for actions which in any way threaten the integrity of any part of our [squads]. Because of this, we’ll collaborate with the Attorney General’s office at virtually any process that they require.”


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