By Sean Jones: Oscar De La Hoya wants superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. to “get the telephone ” therefore he can setup a lucrative rematch with Saul Canelo Alvarez that provides in approximately $1.5 billion. De La Hoya believes that an additional fight between Mayweather and Canelo is likely to undoubtedly be much larger than their 2013 match-up, which taken over 2 million PPV buys.

The world wants to see Canelo and Mayweather fight eachother, even though Floyd has been inactive since 2015 in terms of coicts against real life boxers.

“Look, he’s retired, but he hes to return. There’SA great deal of money. So the way you ought to really have picked on the device to make the struggle with Ryan [Garcia]. Pick the phone up and Get the battle with Canelo. It’s as simple as that,” De La Hoya said.

This is a terrible career move from Canelo to fight Mayweather. Canelo doesn’t even should have caught up infighting display matches in this time in his career, and Mayweather would surely need the struggle not to count upon his unbeaten record.

There’s definitely money to be made with Mayweather and Canelo in a rematch, but probably no where near figure that De La Hoya casting around. $1.5 billion sounds unbelievable. The Mayweather-Canelo re-match is likely to make good money, but it’therefore not as very likely to produce anywhere near to $1.5 billio. The fans only know Mayweather from his MMA struggles, plus so they ’re not going to want to pay to see him get smashed up from Canelo. The hardcore fans also will see the Mayweather vs. Canelo II re-match as currency catch, and can shy away from this. If Mayweather was fighting, but relevant championship degree fighter, the fans will want to see him and Canelo struggle. Not today though. It’s late in the game, and Mayweather is now seen as some guy that combats exhibition matches against MMA fighters. It’therefore hard to take him seriously. Hopkins may give more problems to Canelo than Mayweather can in this aspect.

Getting Mayweather to consent to this struggle Canelo could end up just like jagged teeth. The issue is, as long Mayweather could earn money fighting kickboxers like Tenshin Nasukawa, he’s not going to need to risk getting knocked out any boxer or by Canelo Alvarez.


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